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The Ideal Places to Find Single Russian Women

Even though I think that online dating is a pretty good and convenient way to meet single Russian women, there are some other ways you may want to consider.

The ideal way to meet single Russian women is to go to Russia and spend some time there. It is always better to see women in person instead of online. You will not have to ask yourself a question if the woman you are talking to is real, because you will be able to actually see her and talk to her. When you are trying to meet someone online, especially if you are using free dating sites, there is a chance you might be corresponding with a group of scammers, who stole pictures of Russian celebrities and are pretending to be “ madly falling in love” with you.

It is pretty easy to get acquainted with women in Russia. The sexual harassment legislation does not exist in Russia. Of course, Russian women don’t want to be harassed, but their definition of harassment is different. Russian women appreciate men’s attention and it is pretty common for Russian men to compliment good-looking women often (whether they are their co-workers, friends, relatives or just strangers). If guys don’t give a woman enough attention, she might think that she is not looking good anymore or that there is something wrong with her.

Since going to Russia could be costly, consider looking for single Russian women in the United States. There are so many young single Russian women coming to the United States for the summer. They usually come as exchange students, they work for 4 months, learn English and American culture. These girls are usually concentrated in places like Ocean City, NJ, where there is a lot of seasonal work available. Many of them have no intentions to stay, but who knows, if they meet you, they might change their minds. We know a few Russian girls who did this. They are happy wives of very happy American husbands.;-)

If you decided to go with an agency, go with the ones who have a good reputation. I think that one of the best ones these days is Elena’s Models. The agency takes its job seriously-they make sure the girls who post their profiles are real, so there is a very low (close to zero) chance that you will be scammed. They have a huge database and they update it pretty regularly. You don’t have to pay anything to post your profile on their site, so you can basically try it for free. If you like it, then you can buy the membership, which I think is pretty reasonable.

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  1. Rich on August 10th, 2009

    I was wondering where all the accents in OC came from.

  2. Russian Wife on August 22nd, 2009

    :-) Now you know.

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