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Why Russian Women Are Seeking Marriage Online

There are literary thousands of Russian women seeking marriage online. When you look at their pictures, most of them are well-educated and beautiful. Many of them seem to have good careers and jobs.

Why then all these Eastern European and Russian women are seeking marriage? If they are as good as their online profiles appear, can’t they find a husband in Russia? And why do they even need a husband?

To answer the first question – it is not that easy to find a husband in Russia. No, not all Russian men are alcoholics and not all of them abuse women. However, there are more women than men in Russia, so finding a husband often becomes a challenge. Also, because Russian man have many beautiful women to choose from, they become picky and spoiled. Russian wife is often expected to work, raise kids, clean, cook from scratch, laundry, iron and look stunning at the same time. Russian women are usually very family-oriented and they don’t mind doing this, but they wouldn’t mind if all the efforts were not taken for granted.

This actually answers the second question. Russian women admit that they need men to be happy. They are not feminists and it is very important for a Russian woman to get married and have a family. A “successful” woman in Russian culture is someone who is married to a good guy and has children with him. Even if a woman has one heck of a career and makes hundreds of thousands of dollars, people will feel sorry for her and consider her unhappy and unsuccessful.

Russian women are seeking marriage online, because it is a convenient and inexpensive. They do not hunt Americans or Western Europeans to get out of the country. Some of them might, but the majority are just looking for good guys to fall in love with and get married to.

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  1. Gregory on September 15th, 2009

    I have been looking to meet an eastern european woman and am wondering if a woman is looking for a guy, is she most of the time expecting the man to make all the money or is a woman willing to work as well?
    Gregory -36

  2. Russian Wife on September 15th, 2009


    It is a very good question.

    Russian women do work and if you look at profiles of the girls online most of them have college degrees and are well-educated. Women in Russia rarely just sit at home while their men work (with the exception of when their kids are small)However, it is not uncommon for women in Russia to earn less than men.

    Keep in mind that maternity leave is much longer in Russia as well, so women have a chance to spend time with their children before going back to work. American family laws are not very friendly and many Russian/Eastern European women, myself included, are not happy with the idea of going back to work when their child is only 6 weeks old.

    So to answer your question, women ARE willing to work. Russian women work and raise kids and all they expect is to be loved and respected by their husbands. But if you are planning to have kids, you may want to discuss the work issue with the woman prior to that. She might not have a problem of going to work and leaving a small child in a daycare, but it is always better to set this straight.

    Try to be delicate when discussing this, so she doesn’t misunderstand you. Please, shoot me an email at natalia (at) straightanswers (dot)net if you have a specific question or need help in discussing the issue with her. I’ll be glad to help.


  3. tony on October 24th, 2011

    I dont know if i am being scammed i am corresponding
    with a Russian lady and wants to come to UK to be with me not asked for money but met on free dating website.

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