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Russian Women: Are They Really Who They Say They Are

Question: When I look at Russian women’s profiles online, most of them are beautiful, educated and according to their profiles, have great moral characters. If they are so good, why aren’t they married yet?

Many American and Western men ask this question. If this question pops in your head as well, let me ask you. You are also most likely a decent man with good character as well. Then, why aren’t you married yet? I am sure there are a number of reasons why. Maybe you were married and it didn’t work out; maybe you haven’t met a special one yet; or maybe you just didn’t feel like getting married until now…

Well, Russian women have their excuses as well. It is harder for woman to get married in Russia, because there are more women then men there in the first place. Secondly, Russian women take very good care of themselves. They don’t get fat, they wear stylish feminine clothes; take care of their skin and hair, whether they are 20 or 45, so the competition over there is pretty high. There are many good looking women on the streets and not than many unmarried decent men left.

So no need to be worried, that there is something wrong with Russian “mail order brides” like some guys like to call them. In fact, many Russian women have the same fears. They see pictures of nice American guys, with good kind character; good job etc, and they ask the same question If they are so good, why aren’t they married yet.

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