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Are Russian girls much different from Ukrainian or Belarusian?

Question: Are Russian girls much different from Ukrainian or Belarusian?

It all depends on personalities, but generally speaking, girls from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia (as well as from other former USSR Slavic countries) have similar values. They are family-oriented; they care about their appearance; they usually prefer traditional family values; they follow similar culture and tradition and most of them speak Russian as one of their languages. We have friends from Russia, Belarus, Latvia and Ukraine and to be honest we can’t tell the difference by the way people think or look which FSU country they are from. When you read this site you can apply our advice to anyone who is from the former Soviet Union.

As I said, it all depends on the person, but usually ladies from bigger cities, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg or Kiev differ from the ladies from smaller cities or villages. Ladies from bigger cities are usually more picky and more demanding when it comes to choosing a mate. American guys often say that Russian (Belarussian/Ukrainian) girls from bigger cities are more ambitious when it comes to career and education; and ladies from smaller cities are more maternal and are better housewives. Of course, these are just generalizations and you shouldn’t make assumptions just by finding out if a girl is from larger city or not.

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