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How to Protect Yourself from Russian Dating Scams

You land on yet another Russian dating website and look at hundreds of photos of beautiful Russian women. Some of them are looking for a husband, others just for a relationship. Some are very young; others are more mature. Some have children; others don’t. Some just want to love and be loved; others want to scam you.

It is important not to be discouraged by this fact, because scammers are trying to take advantage of people in every industry, not just in Russian dating. Keep your head straight, watch out for some clues and you will be able to spot the scammers. It might not be as hard as it seems. Here are some tips how to protect yourself from Russian dating scams.

First of all, be alert when everything happens too soon and seems too good to be true. It probably is. I mean if a 20 year-old woman who looks like a Victoria’s Secret model tells you that she is madly in love with you after 2 weeks of corresponding via e-mail, don’t get too excited. Even if you look like a young John Bon Jovi, most likely she is either after your money, a visa, or both. Don’t take is personally. Her profile is most likely not real and neither is her photo.

Secondly, be careful if she starts asking for money, especially if you just met. There are different tactics that scammers use. They may ask for money for English lessons, or for a translator, an internet connection, or for cell phone. You give them money and they disappear. Sometimes they continue a “relationship” with you, so you will continue giving money. Some “date” you over the internet for 4-6 months, and then their mother/sister/whatever gets really sick and needs money for surgery/treatment. I told a story of our friend Jack, who was a victim of Russian dating scam here.

Thirdly, be careful if a “woman” says that all Russian men suck, because they are abusive alcoholics. This is not true. If she says it, she (or whoever hiding behind her profile) is probably either trying to scam you, or is not very smart (which you don’t want).

Remember, Russian women whose pictures you see are not trying to scam you. When you hear someone say “Russian dating scams” it usually means that scam artists are using Russian dating sites to perform their scams. Scammers don’t even have to be women and they don’t have to be Russian. You might be dealing with someone from Nigeria or Romania. Most scams are usually done by either scam organizations, or by a network of people working together. They use pictures of Russian models and celebrities, steal pictures of beautiful girls online (or buy them), and create fake profiles. Scammers who operate in Russia hire female students or prostitutes to answer the phone, or pick up money that you send.

Keep in mind though, that many Russian women (I mean real Russian women with real pictures and profiles) will not be able to afford a plane ticket the U.S. to come visit you, so if you have doubts, but still want to see her, buy her a ticket instead of sending the money; or go visit her in Russia. There is no need to think that there is a mafia hiding behind every woman who says she cannot afford something. Some women can’t and things do happen. Just use common sense and when in doubt, search the internet. There are websites which have lists of scammers who specialize in Russian dating scams with pictures and common tactics they use. Do your homework and you’ll be fine.

Also, if you want to read more about Russian brides, marriage agencies, Russian mentality and how to avoid mistakes while dating a Russian lady, here is a very good unbiased E-book written by a Russian woman (not me though:-)). Check it out!

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  1. Manny on November 24th, 2009

    Your advice above on this site is so good, yet in your banner ads, you promote “Anastasiaweb” – the biggest scam agency in the industry. Why?

  2. Steve Waddell on October 4th, 2012

    I have a Russian woman (or says she is) that has been e-mailing me for a couple of months and claims to be from Kotlas. Im almost sure it is a scammer but she has not requested $$$ yet but I think its getting to that point. Irinasladuski is the name given. I will keep you posted. Thanks Steve W.

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