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Why Russian-American Marriages Have More Chances to Succeed

According to INS statistics 80% of Russian-American couples are still together after 2 years of marriage. Marriage agencies claim that 80-95% of Russian-American couples (where husband is American and wife is Russian) stay together and are very happy with each other.

Russian-American marriages which don’t succeed often fail due to a big age differences (like 25 or more years). Russian women, who are very young, might sincerely fall in love with a man who is older than their father, but after awhile they may get bored. When looking for a wife, it is always better to find somebody who is not more than 15-20 years younger. This way you will have more in common, you will age together and you will have much greater chances for your marriage to last.

Russian women usually give their men more authority. They admit that men are stronger and often are better decision makers. They don’t mind staying at home, concentrating on raising children and taking care of the house. Russian women work outside the home, but they are not obsessed with career and they don’t have a problem if their man is the main provider of the family. Psychologists say that American men like to marry Russian women for self-affirmation. Russian wives raise American men’s social and psychological status.

American men are usually more supportive of their wives. They are more involved in raising the children and they are more family-oriented. Family is very important to Russian women, usually much more important than their jobs, so they appreciate this quality in American men.

Russian women are very committed and dedicated to their families and husbands. They are not looking for ideal man or ideal marriage, because they realize that there are no such things. If something doesn’t seem to work in a marriage, they will not immediately go look for another mate. They will do everything to make it work. Russian women are also very afraid of being single. In Russia single woman is perceived as a woman with flaws. Everyone feels sorry for her, because marriage is a pinnacle of everyone’s desires.

There are also a lot of challenges that Russian-American marriages may face, such as culture shock, language barriers and so on. You shouldn’t be afraid of those. If you love each other, they are not that difficult to overcome.

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  1. les on August 3rd, 2009

    I never thought about it this way, but it does make alot of sense. Russian women make perfect wives, but you have to be sure you are marrying a typical Russian woman, because I ran across a few who were very career-oriented, which turned me off. We have plenty of these here in the US.

  2. Russian Wife on August 22nd, 2009

    les, this is true. Not all Russian women are family-oriented. Most of them are, but not ALL.

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