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The Main Reason Russian Women Want to Get Married

The question as to why Russian women want to get married, especially at an early age (early twenties is quite common) pops up quite often. This is not surprising, because if you talk to college age American women you will rarely hear marriage or kids in their near-future plans. So what’s the deal with Russians?

Well, firstly many Western men (and women) often mention that Russians mature earlier. This might be due to their mentality, history and in some cases, life conditions. Even if you are wealthy in Russia, living over there is emotionally tougher. I guess you really need to go and spend some time there (not as a tourist) to understand this.

Secondly, most Russian women have traditional family values, so getting married and having children is their primary goal. A woman who is not married by a certain age is almost considered to be defective and everyone (neighbors and friends, and colleagues) feel sorry for her. The same goes if a woman is married, but childless. In Russian culture you will rarely see a woman who doesn’t want to have children. I remember reading an article about a man who wanted to marry a beautiful Russian girl who wasn’t interested in children. The guy was handsome and polite; additionally, he was making $300 K a year. And you know what? He decided to be honest from the beginning, so he told the girls he was corresponding with he was not interested in having children. And you know what? None of the girls he liked wanted a relationship with him.

If you really want to marry a Russian and feel strong about not having children, you might find a woman, but it is not going to be easy. Remember that Russian women adore children, so your selection is going to be very limited.

So don’t be mistaken that Russian women want to marry a foreigner to get out of Russia and have a better life. Usually it is not true. Russian women want to be women. They want to get married, to have children, to love and to be loved. If there were more males in Russia, most of them would probably stay there.

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  1. michael leyden on October 6th, 2010

    as i am becoming of age i am more aware that reguardless of my income level i want to take the next step. Hopefully there will be a nice russian waiting for me.

  2. Jmaction on February 2nd, 2011

    Thanks for the post, I am 40 never got married. I would like to get married and have a familly no more than 2 kids 3 tops I want to be able to help my kids out get them through school something I did not have. It seems like I have missed that window I worked and went to school so did not have the time for a real relationship or it was right girl wrong time. Women my age are well already done with that part of there life so are Russian women in their mid late 30s still up to having kids? I ask becasue it just seem odd to think of marriage to a 20 something. I have also read that so many of the dating sites are scams. Do Russian Women ever come to The USA to study looking to get married? What about the workaholic problem it is a real turn off with my history it has been the nail in the coffin.

  3. Russian Wife on February 2nd, 2011

    Russian women in their 30s are most definitely still up for having kids, especially if they don’t have any yet. Since it is healthier for both mothers and babies to have kids in 20s (I am pretty sure doctors agree on this), Russian women who are married or have a partner they can trust prefer to be done by the time they are 30 (35 tops). However, it doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t have kids later.

    I would suggest not to “disqualify” women who are younger than 30 though. Russian and FSU women usually mature earlier, so a 25 y.o Russian girl may have the same level of maturity than someone who is 10 years older here. I heard this from many Western guys, so this is not my subjective view. :)

    Many Russian dating sites are scams. Stay away from free ones. I have a bunch of articles about this on my blog and there is a chapter in our book dedicated specifically to scammers and how to recognize them.

    Russian women come to the USA to study, but not all of them have a goal to get married here. As a matter of fact I came here as a student with no intentions to marry a foreigner. ;) I did anyway, but only because I fell in love. It is possible to meet Russian women who are already in the United States, but it is certainly much much harder.

    Russians are rarely workaholics. I have met some, but they are rather exceptions.

  4. milton stone on February 23rd, 2013

    just need to find a loving women for a better life

  5. Reuben Whitehorse on December 19th, 2013

    I am still going too school an want a wife!

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