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Why It Is a Good Idea to Learn Some Russian

You’ve been trying to impress your Russian girlfriend or bride with your handsomeness, wit and generosity. Even if it seems like you stole her heart already, there is something that will most definitely show her your dedication and the seriousness of your intentions. How about learning some Russian? Before you wrinkle your nose, read this.

Just to be clear, I am not suggesting that you start taking intensive Russian lessons and try to memorize 50 Russian verbs every evening. Well, if you decide to do that, kudos to you. Extra knowledge doesn’t hurt.

Before we got married, Gary, my American fiancé at the time (husband now) in order to impress me learned a bunch of Russian words – animals, kitchen utensils, and so on. It did impress me and made me feel more loved and appreciated. Now of course there is no need to impress me anymore, so he says he doesn’t have time to learn more, but it is another story.

I am suggesting that you learn some basic phrases and words and at least learn how to pronounce her name correctly. You can get Russian-English phrase dictionariesin one of the Russian book stores in the U.S. or on Amazon, or if you prefer, you may find some free Russian-English dictionaries online. Never use online translators to translate texts. They usually do a horrible job and may either confuse or even freak your Russian lady out. You may use translators to translate work though, but they usually don’t give you pronunciation, so my vote is still for buying a dictionary.

Or you can always get a talking electronic Russian – English dictionary, such as Ectaco English – Russian Talking Electronic Dictionary Partner ER300T

Gary actually proposed to me in Russian, but because he couldn’t find anywhere how to pronounce it, he just wrote me a note in Russian. It was very sweet.

If your Russian lady is not fluent in English, learning some basic Russian will help you communicate. If you decide to get married and move to the United States, remember that she has to adapt to a new culture, mentality and so on. On top of that she has to learn a new language. No doubt she has to learn it and she will, but show her support by learning her language as well. She’ll appreciate it.

Lastly, if you have children, good chances are that your Russian wife would like them to be bilingual and will speak Russian to them. Wouldn’t you be curious what she and your kids are talking about? Sure you would.

If you think that teaching your kids Russian is a bad idea, keep in mind that multiple studies show that bilingual children are generally brighter, have better memory, and do much better at school.

Russian language is quite complex, but don’t get discouraged by this. Learn some basics. Your Russian lady is worth it. If you think she is not, well…Maybe she is not the right one…

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  1. Troy on February 4th, 2011


    I met a Russian woman online and we’ve hit it off. We both write in English and sometimes it’s a little difficult to understand but I always get the general point she’s trying to make even if some of the details are lost in translation.

    I kinda feel bad that she knows English as well as she does while my Russian is non-existent. So I thought to surprise her by having my English translated to Russian with Google Translator before sending it to her.

    Then I came in here and read your advice against using online translators. I hope it doesn’t freak her out. I just wanted to make an effort to show that I care.

  2. Russian Wife on February 4th, 2011

    No, it will not freak her out. She will probably think it’s cute, but there is a good chance she will not understand a lot of it. ;)

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