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Free Russian Dating Sites – How Legitimate Are They?

With the economy being in a dismal state, it is understandable that more and more Western men are searching for free Russian dating sites or marriage agencies. However, when it comes to Russian dating, free is not always the best choice. Here are the reasons why.

First of all, many Russian dating websites, even the ones which claim to be “absolutely free” have some hidden costs. The registration may be free, but they may make you pay for viewing girls’ pictures or for their e-mail addresses. Some dating websites are truly free. They make their money by placing advertisements on their WebPages.

However, from the experiences of many people we know, if you go with free Russian dating sites, you greatly increase your chances of being scammed. Since anybody can join a free dating site, imagine how many fake profiles just one scammer may have and how insecure this is.

Russian girls that we know usually prefer to use “commercial” sites, because they feel they are safer for them. If a man pays for a membership, first of all, he is probably seriously looking for a Russian bride. Second of all, if he uses his credit card, most likely he is not a criminal or sexual abuser, because he could be easily tracked by his credit card info if something terrible would happen.

Of course, commercial sites are not 100 percent free from scam artists. Scammers are everywhere these days. However, sites with paid memberships take their job much more seriously and are trying to protect their clients from scammers. For example, Elena’s Models works really hard to keep their database free from scammers and bogus profiles.

Many girls have confirmed profiles, so if you really want to be sure you are talking to a real Russian woman and seeing her real pictures, you can choose profiles with “confirmed profile” logo – it is a 100% guarantee that the girl is real.

The nice part about Elena’s Models is that you can register for free without any pressure to become a paid member. Also, guys can place their add on the website for free as well.

Russian women who pay to place their profiles on dating sites are also much more serious about finding a partner abroad and not just putting their profiles online for fun or out of curiosity. So if you are serious about finding a Russian bride, you may be better of paying a small membership fee, or choosing a site like Elena’s Models, where you don’t have to pay anything until you are ready or really interested in a certain girl.

Another respectable Russian marriage agency is Anastasia International. It is actually one of the largest agencies in the field and it was featured on a multitude of television shows and networks. There are 80 or so full-time employees at Anastasia International, who protect their database from scammers and make phone calls to verify the current status of their active members. No profile is activated without Anastasia International calling the lady and verifying her information first.

Saving money is not a bad idea, especially in hard times like these, but in my humble opinion, if you are serious about finding the love of your life, paying a few dollars here and there is a pretty darn good investment. Remember that free Russian dating sites are not always the best choice.

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4 Comments so far

  1. Craig on August 22nd, 2009

    Yes, people. Stay away from FREE.

  2. Russian Wife on August 22nd, 2009

    He said it.

  3. Rommel on February 15th, 2011

    Elena’s Models seems as a nice free dating site. I think I will try this one. Thanks for sharing this post that is very interesting to read.

  4. John Fisher on January 22nd, 2013

    If you want to really look for a Russian woman, I highly recommend that you stay away from free dating sites. This is coming to you with someone who has experience and has met first hand with several people working in some of the Agencies in Russia.

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