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Are Eastern European Women the Same as Russian?

Question: Are Eastern European (Ukrainian, Belarussian, Latvian) women the same as Russian?

I don’t like the phrase “the same”, because even identical twins who were raised by the same parents will not be the same. If by the word “the same” you mean similar core values and mentality, then I should say yes.

First of all, when the Soviet Union collapsed, many Russians and Eastern Europeans ended up living in different countries and getting different citizenships, which had nothing to do with their nationality. Not 100% of people in Russia are Russians, not all 100% of those who are Belarusian live in Belarus, and so on. For example, most people in Belarus speak Russian and there are currently about 100 nationalities living in Russia.

It is not uncommon for a woman to be half-Ukrainian and half-Russian; or half-Latvian, half-Belorussian etc.

The mentality of Russian and Eastern European women is very similar. They are not into feminism; they have strong family values; they care about their physical appearance and they have certain standards when it comes to men. Here is my post about what Russian women like most in men.

You may also run across the abbreviation FSU, which stands for former Soviet Union countries. Many women whose profiles you see on Russian dating sites are from FSU countries and consider themselves Russian. Most of Eastern European women speak Russian, but all Former Soviet Union women know Russian and use it as one of their languages.

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