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Where to Find Beautiful Eastern European Brides and How to Choose the Right One.

There are different ways to find beautiful Eastern European brides. Some prefer using online services or marriage agencies; some go directly to Russia or Eastern Europe and hunt for a bride over there; others look for women who are already living in the U.S. Each way has its pros and cons, but whichever you prefer, there are some tips that you may want to read in order to choose the right woman.woman-5

Looking for Eastern European or Russian women online is probably the easiest way to meet a woman because for a small fee you can browse profiles of hundreds of beautiful women. Online dating may save you a lot of time and probably the only downside of finding a woman online is the possibility of running into a scammer. Scammers are everywhere these days, not only in dating industry, so just make sure you use legitimate marriage agencies with good reputation (Elena’s Models, for example).

Never send money to a woman, especially if she asks for it. A respectable Russian or E.U. woman will never ask you for money. If she does that, run away.

When choosing a woman, don’t just look at her pictures. Yes some girls look absolutely stunning on photos and I know men who fell in love with the picture and didn’t really read the profiles. Don’t be one of them. First of all, it is just a picture; most likely done by a professional photographer. Second of all, if you are looking for a wife, read what a woman you are interested is all about. Does she have any hobbies that you may share? Is she relatively close to you in age (up to a15 year difference is not uncommon and such marriages are usually very successful. However, if you are 55 and she is 19, it might be a problem later on).

If you go to Eastern Europe to meet women in person, watch their behavior. You can usually tell if a woman is just hungry for money or if she is really interested in you. Keep in mind, that in Russian culture it is expected that a guy always pays on a date, so don’t misinterpret this cultural norm. However, watch out if woman starts asking you to buy her expensive gifts or take her to expensive places. Again, try to know her better. Ask her about her family, friends, childhood. You can learn a lot about a woman when you see her interacting with her family and friends, so if you are serious about your relationship, insist on meeting her family.

You can also meet Russian and Eastern European women without leaving your country. We actually met in the U.S. There is a number of girls from Eastern Europe in their early twenties, who come to the U.S. over the Summer to work and travel. Usually they come to places like Ocean City, NJ or MD because it is easy to find a seasonal work over there. If you ever went to Ocean City, you have probably noticed that every second girl there has an accent. Many of them are students in their countries and originally they don’t plan to stay, but if she falls in love with you, she will. Well, I did.:-)

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  1. David on December 19th, 2010

    I have been in communication with a Russian woman from Lipetsk. We had met “online”. In all our correspondences she has not once asked me to send her money – for anything – even though she has express how difficult her finances are. And, she has not expressed her feelings for me in such a manner that would lead me to believe that she was trying to scam me.
    As a matter of fact, she has been very honest and open about her personal life, her family, and her career. She has sent me pics of her friends and coworkers. She has even sent to me a Christmas gift.

    It has been only very recently that the conversation has moved to her “wishing” one day to be able to move out of Russia. But, again, there has been no talk about money for a Visa, or money for anything else.
    However, she has removed her profile from “dating” sites.

    Is it just my “hopeful/wishful” thinking, or, can I expect things to progress into something more than just friends?


  2. Russian Wife on December 27th, 2010

    David, so far everything looks good. Maybe she removed her profile, because she also thinks that things are progressing in the right direction with you. Online dating works for thousands of couples, so hopefully it will work out for you as well.

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