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Easy Ways to Recognize Dating Scams

-    Never send money to a woman you don’t know. Especially if she asks for it. Respectable Russian and Eastern European women will never ask you for money. It is just not acceptable in Russian culture.

-    Be careful if a woman “falls in love’ with you too fast.

-    Read her letters carefully. When you are writing her a letter, ask her questions and make sure she answers them. Many Russian scammers use pre-written letters and don’t bother reading what men write.

-    If a Russian woman writes that she is looking for a husband abroad because all Russian men are abusive alcoholics, don’t believe her. She is either a scammer or is not very smart.

-    If suddenly her mother/brother/sister/grandmother becomes “ill’ and “needs” an expensive surgery, be alert. She might not ask you for money directly, but hope that you will pity her and send money anyway.

-    Many dating scams occur on free dating sites. Since anyone can register, it is simply a golden field of all sorts of scammers. If you decided to meet a woman through the internet, use legitimate marriage agencies instead.

-    If she is too good to be true, she probably is. Don’t get me wrong, there are thousands of Russian women who are beautiful, educated, loving and caring. However if a woman you are corresponding with looks like a Victoria’s Secret model, is 30 years younger than you, is everything you said you wanted in your online profile and is in love with you after seeing your picture and reading 3 emails, be careful. Unless you look like Brad Pitt, of course…

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  1. Calvin on February 26th, 2010

    I meet this girl from yahoo personal and she has sent me pic of her and she tells me that this pic was taken 1year ago etc. She told me that her dad died and he means alot to her. She told me that she filed a working visa and she is doing the aboard thing and that she wants to meet a man over in USA. She has sent me over 15email a day or she will wait a day or so until she sends another email. She tells me that she doen’t like the russia men out there because they are rude. She tells me first that her mom is going to get a 6 mnths of money that will help her out with her trip. I have talk to her one time and i brought up something that she wrote in her email about her stay in Moscow. She give me the address of this old lady that she is renting a room from and i ask her, well how much did you pay and she said 300 but then she said it was my money. So that is what she told me in the email, so now i was like is this real, so i said ok, then she said her phone card is going to hang up on me and then she said are you going to help me over and over. I bought a phone card for her to call me back and she has not, so now i been thinking this mite not me really at all. She comment on some of the thing i tell her but not alot of it. She is cute but she is no super model or nothing like that. She sent me a copy of her passport and it look like her and i ask her for more paperwork. So now you have a idea of what is going on and what do you think. I like this girl not only her email but her phots and there is somedays i tell my self that she is real but then i guess myself again and now i have not wrote her back with the emails but she has sent me one everyday and talk about a poam and that she like me. so please email me back.

  2. Russian Wife on February 26th, 2010

    The number one online dating rule is not to send anyone any money, especially if you haven’t met the woman in person.
    It is not advised to meet Russian women on free dating sites, because that’s where most of the scammers are.
    It is hard to say whether or not the woman is real without knowing more details, but the fact that she is asking for your help already should raise a red flag.

  3. Mel J. on March 5th, 2013

    I’m getting a lot of the same senarios, more, and more. As I read your articles. Thank you, by the way. This beautiful, young, blonde just steals my heart away, with her sad, sob, stories. But what if they are true. And she’s already asking for money. Haven’t paid, or loaned her anything. How do I find out if it’s really her? How do I respond to her request for cash, for her visa, for us to meet? Do I just leave her hangin? Or do I explain that I just don’t have that kind of fast cash? You think she might put a “hit” out for me with Russian men? Or do you think I maybe corresponding to a man? Can someone out there, answer to this. Or give me some advise? Because I’d hate to get it wrong. And this be the one that got away. We did develop a real connection. If she’s “real”.

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