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Things You Absolutely Need to Know before Taking a Russian Woman out on a Date. Part 2

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If you are taking a Russian woman out to eat, keep in mind that you have to pay for everything. If you don’t, this date might be your last. Men are supposed to pay for women in restaurants; this is the way it works in Russia. She may even not have any money on her, because she assumes you are paying.

If she has to pay for her meal, she will think you don’t care enough for her, or that you are greedy, or both.

On our first date Gary invited me to an over-priced Irish restaurant on the boardwalk (our first date was in the U.S.) I (N.) knew that men-women relations are different in the West and I was dreading that I would have to pay for my steak. I didn’t have much cash on me, and admitting this would humiliate me (Russian pride is a powerful thing). All I could do was pray that either I had enough money, or that he would pay for the meal. God heard my prayers. Gary turned out to be old-fashioned and after we were done eating, he pulled his credit card out and paid. Whew. What a relief. We laugh about this now, but it wasn’t funny then.

Another important tip. If you are taking out a Russian woman to eat looking for a gift for her, never say how expensive or overly priced you think it is. Russian women are very sensitive, so if you are out on a date, you open a menu and say that you can’t believe the sky rocket prices, it will offend her. It is also a part of Russian pride. She will think that since you are making this comment, you don’t think she is worth much. Also, if you got her a gift don’t brag that you got it on a blowout sale for dirt cheap. Maybe after you are married for a few years, it would be appropriate, but don’t say it when you are dating. It is actually very humiliating. Trust me.

When your date is over, always thank her for a splendid time (even if the food in restaurant sucked and the waiter got half of your overpriced order wrong). These things should not be important when you are on a date with someone you love or like very much (well, from a Russian woman’s perspective anyway). If you really feel like complaining, do it over beer with your buddies, but not in front of your lady. If you get married to her, there will be plenty of opportunities to be grumpy in front of her. Don’t do it quite yet.

As usually, any specific questions, ask.:-)

Best of luck!


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  1. Gary on March 29th, 2010

    Hello Natasha..your blog is very informative (It’s Great! Thank You!) but I was wondering what type/style of clothes a man should wear on the first date..

  2. Russian Wife on March 29th, 2010

    Hi Gary, thank you! I am glad you find our blog useful.

    As far as the clothing goes. Russian women dress up even when they go out shopping, so expect her to be dressed well for your date. If you are just going out to a park and not planning to take her to a restaurant, you can dress in jeans and a nice button-down shirt or a nice sweater it if is cold (skip sweatshirts and old jeans though). No sneakers. :D

    If you are going out to a restaurant in Russia/Belarus/Ukraine, you need to look more formal. Dress up the same way you would if you went to an upscale restaurant in the U.S: button-down shirt, nice pants, nice clean shoes. Suit or tie are not necessary, but they wouldn’t hurt. It is common for Russian people to dress up when they go out to a restaurant, whether it is a date or not.

    Your style of clothes should show her that you care for her to like you and that you tried your best to look good.

    Not sure if you saw this post about what NOT to wear on your first date ;):

    Hope this helps.


  3. stuart on December 15th, 2010

    I live in Russia. Your site is for dreamers who think they can date a beautiful young Russian woman. Believe me, they won’t. I’ve tried dozens of times. It’s just doesn’t happen. Russian women give every type of excuse they can to avoid a date with a foreign man, especially one from a developed country. If you want to marry a good traditional woman go to 1950′s America. If you can’t manage that, enjoy a life as a bachelor, like me.

  4. Russian Wife on December 15th, 2010

    Stuart, you keep saying these things. In the meantime, hundreds of Russian women (2 of which being my acquaintances) are marrying Western men. Look up the statistics if you don’t believe me, and visit Russian-American forums where thousands of Western men are sharing their positive experience with Russian women (now their wives); post pictures etc.

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