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Why Russian Women Are Popular Among Western Men

"High Heel Shoe. Talon haut. Stiletto.

First of all, Russian (as well as Eastern European) women are feminine. They act feminine, they dress feminine, they look feminine. This feature is very attractive to many Western males, especially considering the fact that there are less and less American women who want to be and to look feminine. It seems like the desire to be feminine for American women almost equals admitting that they are somehow worse then men and if they wear a skirt instead of a pant suit or jeans, it would diminish their intellectual value. Read more »

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Russian Women and Fashion

Russian women like to dress up. They are not afraid to show their femininity and this is often reflected in the way they dress. russian women fashion Read more »

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Getting Engaged in Russia. Do I Need an Engagement Ring?

If you have been dating a Russian, Belarussian or a Ukrainian woman for awhile and finally decided to make her your wife, CONGRATULATIONS! We wish you at least a hundred of happy years together.

You were probably already thinking about where you’ll live; where you’ll go for your honeymoon, where to buy a king-sized bed; who to invite for your wedding and maybe even how many children you would like to have. It is all good, but how about the engagement? Did you do your homework and learned how is it done in Russia and Eastern Europe? Read more »

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Are Eastern European Women the Same as Russian?

Question: Are Eastern European (Ukrainian, Belarussian, Latvian) women the same as Russian?

I don’t like the phrase “the same”, because even identical twins who were raised by the same parents will not be the same. If by the word “the same” you mean similar core values and mentality, then I should say yes.

First of all, when the Soviet Union collapsed, many Russians and Eastern Europeans ended up living in different countries and getting different citizenships, which had nothing to do with their nationality. Read more »

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America through the Eyes of a Russian Woman Part 1

Every Russian woman who comes to the United States experiences a culture shock. Some experience mild and short one; others long and intense. Even though everyone’s experiences are different, there are a few things about America that most visitors from Russia and the Eastern Europe find particularly foreign.russian wife Read more »

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Russian Ladies and Marriage Commitment

Question: Do all Russian ladies who post their profiles online want to get married and have a family? What if I don’t want a relationship with commitment. Will a Russian lady be up for it?russian women
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Why It Is a Good Idea to Learn Some Russian

You’ve been trying to impress your Russian girlfriend or bride with your handsomeness, wit and generosity. Even if it seems like you stole her heart already, there is something that will most definitely show her your dedication and the seriousness of your intentions. How about learning some Russian? Before you wrinkle your nose, read this.

Just to be clear, I am not suggesting that you start taking intensive Russian lessons and try to memorize 50 Russian verbs every evening. Well, if you decide to do that, kudos to you. Extra knowledge doesn’t hurt. Read more »

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Six Things to Avoid While Corresponding with a Russian Woman

1.    Don’t go after a Russian woman who is 30 years younger than you. It may be cool and it might work for awhile, but most likely not for long. Imagine her being 40 when you turn 70. I don’t think I need to explain why it wouldn’t quite work.
2.    If you like a woman’s profile and decide to send her a letter, make sure you do it nicely. Don’t write. “Hi, I am Bob, what’s up?” This will be rude and inconsiderate. Introduce yourself. Write your name, age, occupation, marital status. Tell her why you liked her profile. If you are looking for a serious relationship, don’t say that you chose her, because she has big boobs or long legs. Even if this is the reason. Read more »

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Are All Russian Wives Great Cooks?

There are many myths, truths and stereotypes about Russian wives. One of them is that all Russian wives are great cooks. Read more »

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Do Not Do This When Corresponding with a Russian/Eastern-European Woman

There are plenty of things which can go wrong when you are corresponding with someone from a different culture. The good news is that if get familiar with the culture, these things are relatively easy to avoid.

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