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Russian Women: Unwritten Rules. Smiles and Greetings

As mentioned before, Russian women, or Russians in general, don’t smile nearly as much as Americans do. And it doesn’t mean that we are sad. A smile from someone we don’t know makes us, Russians, feel self-conscious. I might think, that I look funny, or that our clothes are dirty if somebody I don’t know looks at me and smiles. Well, it is different when a guy smiles to a girl – in this cases smile usually means that he is interested in her.

So if you go to Russia, don’t smile too much. You might get unnecessary attention. Also, if your Russian bride doesn’t smile a lot, there is no need to ask her if she is OK 15 times a day. It can be annoying. She is most likely just fine. Read more »

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Dating a Russian Woman: Language Barriers

Before I came to the United States, I (Natasha) knew English pretty well, or at least I though so. I went to specialized English school for several years and was able to express myself very well. Nevertheless, when I came to the United States, I had a hard time adapting to American English and understanding it. Now imagine how hard it might be for women who barely know English. Surely, they will learn English in time, but you can help this process to go smoother for them. Read more »

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Things You Absolutely Need to Know before Taking a Russian Woman out on a Date. Part 2

Part 1 LINK

If you are taking a Russian woman out to eat, keep in mind that you have to pay for everything. If you don’t, this date might be your last. Men are supposed to pay for women in restaurants; this is the way it works in Russia. She may even not have any money on her, because she assumes you are paying.

If she has to pay for her meal, she will think you don’t care enough for her, or that you are greedy, or both.

On our first date Gary invited me to an over-priced Irish restaurant on the boardwalk (our first date was in the U.S.) Read more »

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Russian Women are Not Desperate to Leave

American media like to portray Russia as a country of severe cold, extreme poverty and sad unsatisfied people. If you have been in Moscow, Saint Petersburg or any other big Russian city at least once, you know that it is not true.

Many Russians live better than average Americans. They dress nicer, drive better cars and can afford exotic vacations once a year. They don’t mortgage themselves to the hilt, and they don’t have enormous debt. No doubt poverty exists in Russia, but it also exists in the United States. We personally know a few Russian-American couples, where the Russian bride had a better life in Russia in an economical sense. Read more »

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If you Are Planning a Trip to Russia, Make Sure to Read This…

If you have been in Russia or Eastern Europe and stayed there for at least a week, you can skip this article and go straight to the comment section to let all of us know about your experiences. If you have never been there and are planning a trip to Russia, here are a few things you should know about.

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