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Russian Dating Scams: Jack’s Story

Brides from Russia and Former Soviet Union are popular. Thousands of western men are looking for Russian wives and many find them. Some, however, become victims of scams.

We have a friend, Jack, a guy in his 50s, who after a number of unsuccessful relationships and a marriage with American women, decided to marry a Russian. He looked for his ideal woman for months (through websites and through marriage agencies) until he finally found her. Or that’s what he thought. Read more »

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7 Ways to Spot a Russian Dating Scammer

1.    If you decided to find a Russian wife through online dating sites or a marriage agency or dating sites, try to avoid free dating sites. Since anyone can register on the site, there is a much greater risk of being scammed. Don’t take this risk and don’t waste your time. Go with respectable agencies, which are well known and have a solid reputation, such as Anastasia International or Elena’s Model’s.

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Russian Culture: Drinking Tea

A USSR stamp,
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When American and Western people think of Russians and their drinking habits, 9 out of 10 people immediately think “vodka”. Many are surprised to find out that Russians are very passionate about tea-drinking and are drinking more tea than British people. So if you go to Russia to visit your Russian bride, expect to have a lot of tea with her, her family and her friends.

Tea was brought to Russia from China in the 17th century and since then Russian people fell in love with this drink. Believe it or not, tea is the most popular beverage in the country and is closely associated with Russian traditions and culture. Read more »

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