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How to Find a Good Russian Wife and Where to Start

Many guys think that finding a good Russian wife is a no brainer and they don’t bother looking for tips or advice on how to make the best choice. They see a knockout picture, fall in love with it and expect that everything will go smoothly. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Choosing a mate (especially when she is from another culture) is a complicated process which does require a good heart, but also requires some thinking. While it is impossible to give one general advice for all, there are some tips which should make your search go easier.

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Things You Absolutely Need to Know before Taking a Russian Woman out on a Date. Part 1

russianladiesYou’ve been corresponding with a Russian woman for awhile and decided it was time to finally meet her. Whether you met her online, through your friends, or in Red Square, and irregardless of where your first date is going to be, there are things that you need to know before going out. Otherwise your first date might turn out to be a nightmare, and it might become your last. Read more »

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The Truth about Lawyers and K1 Fiancée visa

If you are serious about relationship with your Russian woman and have been thinking about bringing her over, you probably already know that you need to apply for K1 fiancée visa in order to do so.

If you have been doing some research or talked to a lawyer, you probably also heard some horrible stories about “evil” USCIS, about denied visa applications, terrifying interviews, years of wait and about unusually complicated and tricky fiancée visa application forms. Read more »

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