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What Russian Women Don’t Quite Like in American and Western Men

In my last post I pretty much praised American men for their love for children, dedication to families and appreciation of women (here is the post). This time I want to write about things that Russian women are NOT fond of in men and which American men are sometimes guilty of.
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Are Eastern European Women the Same as Russian?

Question: Are Eastern European (Ukrainian, Belarussian, Latvian) women the same as Russian?

I don’t like the phrase “the same”, because even identical twins who were raised by the same parents will not be the same. If by the word “the same” you mean similar core values and mentality, then I should say yes.

First of all, when the Soviet Union collapsed, many Russians and Eastern Europeans ended up living in different countries and getting different citizenships, which had nothing to do with their nationality. Read more »

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