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Are Eastern European Women the Same as Russian?

Question: Are Eastern European (Ukrainian, Belarussian, Latvian) women the same as Russian?

I don’t like the phrase “the same”, because even identical twins who were raised by the same parents will not be the same. If by the word “the same” you mean similar core values and mentality, then I should say yes.

First of all, when the Soviet Union collapsed, many Russians and Eastern Europeans ended up living in different countries and getting different citizenships, which had nothing to do with their nationality. Read more »

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Russian Women and Language Barriers

Question: How hard it is to overcome the language barrier when corresponding with Russian women? Read more »

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Russian Culture: Superstitions

If you don’t want to get in trouble or freak your Russian bride or Russian wife out, keep in mind that Russians are usually superstitious. Save yourself an embarrassment or three, try to remember these things:

1. An even number of flowers is considered to be a misfortune and you bring even number of flowers only on funerals and graves. Guess how many flowers were in the first bouquet of flowers, which my American fiancé at the time got for me? 16. I knew he didn’t want me to be dead and I never considered myself to be superstitious, but getting an even number of flowers felt a bit weird.
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Russian Women: Are They Really Who They Say They Are

Question: When I look at Russian women’s profiles online, most of them are beautiful, educated and according to their profiles, have great moral characters. If they are so good, why aren’t they married yet? Read more »

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Russian Dating Scams: N.’s Story

Recently I got a letter from another “victim” of Russian dating scams. He was kind enough to let us post his letter on our site in hopes that it might be helpful to other men.

I have been in relationships before, but not for the last several years. It’s not because there is no one to have a relationship with. It’s because I would rather be alone than be with someone I do not love or respect. Being alone could have its benefits. I could read in a quiet house, I could listen to music other people may not like, and I could walk around the house in my underwear if I wanted to. It would be a simple life! But then I went to a friends wedding. When I! saw two people so in love I realized that I was missing something very important in my own life. I did a lot of thinking about why I was not finding a woman with the qualities that I valued and I realized that maybe I was looking in the wrong place. After doing a lot of research about the beliefs and values of women from different cultures, I decided that the women of Ukraine held the greatest promise of finding what I was looking for. Read more »

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10 Biggest Stereotypes About Russia and Russian Women – Part 1

People love to stereotype. I guess it is just a part of human nature and we can’t help it. There are many stereotypes about Russian women and Russians in general. Here are the most common ones:

Stereotype 1. Russian women will marry anyone, because they desperately want to get out of Russia. (Ahem)…We wrote a blog post about this HERE.

Stereotype 2. Russian men are all alcoholics and like to abuse women. This is very far from the truth. There are plenty of decent men in Russia. However there are more women in Russia than men, which is one of the reasons why Russian women are looking for husbands abroad. Read more »

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One or Many?

I met a woman online and exchanged a few emails. Do you recommend me to talk to other girls?
If I visit her, since the trip is long and expensive, should I meet other
girls to take the best advantage of my trip?  If yes, how can I let her know without hurting
her feelings?
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10 Biggest Stereotypes About Russian Women – Part 2

Part 1

Stereotype 6. Russian wives are submissive and they would love to be your slave. As far as you get them out of the country that is. I am not going to repeat myself, because I just answered this question in this post.

Stereotype 7. Russians don’t have a sense of humor and are very sad people. This one is actually funny. Read more »

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America Through the Eyes of a Russian Woman Part 2

(part 1)

Another thing that many Russian and Eastern European women and men mention about the United States is how horrible is American food.
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Russian Ladies and Marriage Commitment

Question: Do all Russian ladies who post their profiles online want to get married and have a family? What if I don’t want a relationship with commitment. Will a Russian lady be up for it?russian women
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