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Three Difficulties Your Russian Wife Will Most Likely Face and How to Help Her Overcome Them.

1.    Language. If your Russian wife has never been abroad before she moved to the United States, she will experience a really strong culture shock. Even if she studied American history and culture and her English is flawless, she will still have difficulties understanding the language and the culture. Americans tend to use a lot of slang, without even realizing this, so make sure your wife is comfortable asking you if she doesn’t understand something. It gets better with time, but first months are particularly hard. American accent might be hard for her to understand as well. Speak slower and more clearly. I know it might be annoying, but it will pay off. Read more »

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Russian Dating Scams: Jack’s Story

Brides from Russia and Former Soviet Union are popular. Thousands of western men are looking for Russian wives and many find them. Some, however, become victims of scams.

We have a friend, Jack, a guy in his 50s, who after a number of unsuccessful relationships and a marriage with American women, decided to marry a Russian. He looked for his ideal woman for months (through websites and through marriage agencies) until he finally found her. Or that’s what he thought. Read more »

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7 Ways to Spot a Russian Dating Scammer

1.    If you decided to find a Russian wife through online dating sites or a marriage agency or dating sites, try to avoid free dating sites. Since anyone can register on the site, there is a much greater risk of being scammed. Don’t take this risk and don’t waste your time. Go with respectable agencies, which are well known and have a solid reputation, such as Anastasia International or Elena’s Model’s.

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Main Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Fall for the Photos of Beautiful Russian Women

Relax, I am not going to give you a lecture on how unimportant looks are, because even though people don’t like to admit it, they do pay attention to looks and beauty.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with it and if you are looking at photos of beautiful Russian women and want to make one of them your bride, go for it. However, there are some things you need to remember. Read more »

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Russian Culture: Drinking Tea

A USSR stamp,
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When American and Western people think of Russians and their drinking habits, 9 out of 10 people immediately think “vodka”. Many are surprised to find out that Russians are very passionate about tea-drinking and are drinking more tea than British people. So if you go to Russia to visit your Russian bride, expect to have a lot of tea with her, her family and her friends.

Tea was brought to Russia from China in the 17th century and since then Russian people fell in love with this drink. Believe it or not, tea is the most popular beverage in the country and is closely associated with Russian traditions and culture. Read more »

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Where to Find Beautiful Eastern European Brides and How to Choose the Right One.

There are different ways to find beautiful Eastern European brides. Some prefer using online services or marriage agencies; some go directly to Russia or Eastern Europe and hunt for a bride over there; others look for women who are already living in the U.S. Each way has its pros and cons, but whichever you prefer, there are some tips that you may want to read in order to choose the right woman.woman-5 Read more »

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What are Ukrainian Girls like? Are they different from Russian?

Russian and Ukraine are two separate countries and even though Ukrainian girls are similar in mentality to Russian, there are some differences. We have friends who are Ukrainian and have friends who are Russian and I think that unless you are from Eastern Europe, you will probably not notice the difference. Read more »

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What Russian Women Like in Men

Please don’t believe the myth that all Russian men are alcoholics, because it is very far from truth. And don’t think that Russian women will fall for anyone who is not a drunkard, or that they would do anything to get out of the country. Russian women have their standards when it comes to choosing men and the fact that they often give preferences to Western men, only means that westerners often suit their needs better.

No doubt, every woman is different and has her own standards when choosing a spouse, but still, there are certain values that most Russian women prefer to see in men. Read more »

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Are Russian girls much different from Ukrainian or Belarusian?

Question: Are Russian girls much different from Ukrainian or Belarusian? Read more »

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Russian Ladies and Marriage Commitment

Question: Do all Russian ladies who post their profiles online want to get married and have a family? What if I don’t want a relationship with commitment. Will a Russian lady be up for it?russian women
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